The Adaptive Music Project


          The Adaptive Music Project has two purposes. The first is to provide foundational and ongoing instruction to music students who require significant adaptation and accommodation to their instrument, manner of playing and/or manner of instruction. The second is to make available a resource for the collection of music education research regarding adaptive music instruction, including data collection and a platform for professional adaptive musicians to teach and perform. We run an annual summer camp for adaptive music students, and provide ongoing support for their musical education throughout the year.

We offer Cincinnati Adaptive Music Camp in the summers with the goal of helping students get set up with whatever adaptations they may need to play their chosen instrument.  We offer two tracks for students: 1) a beginning track, for new students who have never played their instrument before or are still learning the basics of playing their instrument, and 2) an intermediate track, for those who have had at least one year of private lessons and are ready to join a group.

         This will be our third year running the camp, and our focus will be on teaching adaptive piano, strings (violin, viola, cello, bass), guitar, and brass instruments.   Our mission is to see students with exceptionalities of all types fully included in school and community based  orchestras and bands.  Each year we expand on the number of instruments we offer, based on our resources as the word gets out to others who are interested in joining with us.

          We are adding regular website posts this year, to encourage and assist parents and adaptive students in their musical growth throughout the year. Check back for more information in the fall of 2015!

          lt is intended that the AMP be operated as a charitable non-profit organization for any and all lawful purpose and the AMP is currently pursuing 501c3 status.

Please spread the word!

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